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With more than 200 employees and about 100 index cutting machines the company SchoPa is Europe’s biggest company in index cutting.

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More than 25 years of experiance is one of the reasons why SchoPa belongs to the “High Performance Partners” of Deutsche Post.

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We offer with several associated forwarding companies a broad variety of solutions throughout Europe.

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Our ambition is to meet all your demands concerning quality and adherrence to schedules!

To achieve this we make a considerable effort both of technical and organisational nature. A thorough planning and a smooth cooperation between all stakeholders is vital for the compliance with our ambitious aims. On the following pages we want to give you at hand some kind of assistance, which is supposed to support the mutual cooperation.

Consistent quality is the fuel for trust between business partners!
We cordially invite you to our company to experiance first-hand the place where your products are to be finished. Please, contact us in order to arrange an appointment. We are looking forward to welcome you personally and to show you around in our company.