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Description of the company SchoPa

SchoPa Buchbinderei Sp. z o.o. was established by Alex Paffenholz and Walter Schomaker in Stargard, Poland (near Szczecin) in 1990. The production started with ten employees and five Remat 320 register-cutting machines of Hunkeler. In the meanwhile the company has significantly enlarged its production facilities. Today SchoPa Buchbinderei Sp. z o.o. is with about 200 employees and 100 register-cutting machines of which 7 REGAs the biggest register-cutter in Europe. Due to the advantageous greographical location – proximate to the German border and with a good transport connection to Scandinavia – the company is exporting more than 80% of its services.

Qualified staff, a huge productive capacity and short implementation times are only a few key words which allowed the SchoPa Buchbinderei Sp. z o.o. to achieve its position as the market leader with a very high export ratio. Over the years the service portfolio was complemented by further services in the area of further processing and finishing. Today we can offer you besides indexing a wide range of services, starting from handiwork, like inserting or glueing an extra sheet of paper, through packing, to the lettershop. This means for you that you have with us a competent partner at your side on whom you can rely.

SchoPa in Europe

The company SchoPa Buchbinderei Sp. z o.o. has its roots in Germany. It is closely cooperating witht the companies Schomaker GmbH & Co.KG in Menden and Decker + Mayer GmbH. Both companies are among the pioneers of index cutting in Europa.

In the field of perfect binding Schomaker GmbH & Co.KG has three effecient productions lines and thus belongs to the high-capacity bookbinders in Germany. Moreover, Schomaker GmbH & Co.KG offers the possibility of further refining, just like index cutting, printing at the book’s edge, drilling of holes as well as a complete mailing service. link

Decker + Mayer GmbH is an expert when it comes to the production of hard cover book cases and index cutting. link

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